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Constant Variables

Sep 29, 2020

If we were to write a playbook on how to start an app-based business, the first-time entrepreneurs behind Parrot.MD would be our case study. But every story has its conflicts. Parrot.MD’s CEO and co-founder Tim Steele joins the show to talk about the creation of the app, the role social equity plays in fundraising,...

Sep 15, 2020

Every company thinks they’re a special snowflake, and when it comes to digital transformation, they actually are. Jen Swanson is a digital consultant who guides companies in their digital transformation journey with her philosophy of placing small bets often. In this episode, Jen breaks down how digital...

Sep 1, 2020

Building an Android app requires overcoming several idiosyncrasies. Tim and Rob share their tips for building Android apps so you can successfully navigate Google’s unique requirements. (If you’re looking for tips around building iOS apps, check out the previous episode.)